Completed Russian Championship - 2012

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9 december, in Kazan ended Russian Championship - 2012 against "Koresh."
Before filling the stands Wrestling Palace "Ak Bars" were the strongest fighters of the 36 Russian regions. A distinctive feature of this year's championship was a record number of participants - 245 fighters.
Recall that the struggle "Koresh" is included in Student Internship Program - 2013. Russian Championships - 2012 to Koresh - test events before the start of Summer Student Games. Event of special importance attached to the fact that by and large the championship in Kazan was the last serious test of the strength of wrestlers who will represent the Russian team at the Universiade.

The first day of competition included the opening ceremony, a press conference with guests of honor, the beginning of the competition, respectively. The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, president of the International Federation of Russia and "Koresh" Jawdat Minnahmetov, Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Rafis Burganov, as well as president of the World Committee FILA traditional sports Gintautas Vileity.

Oh lord Vileity worth mentioning separately. The main purpose of the visit of the President of the World Committee FILA traditional sports, in addition to the tournament in the Palace of Martial Arts "Ak Bars", is the settlement of all the nuances of known issues in the interpretation of certain rules Koresh. Correspondent was soon to join the commission Gintautas Vileity FILA, which is not going to leave the capital of Tatarstan for as long as the resolution of all issues.
Another feature Russian Championship against "Koresh" was the first ever to attract judges from different regions - this told the chief referee Marcil Qadir. "This was done in order to raise the standard of refereeing in other regions" - said Kadyrov.

Before the tournament experts and fans unanimously predicted success is traditionally the strongest fighters of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. It happened. First place in the team standings among adults took Tatar athletes, the second - Bashkortostan, third left for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District and Perm in fourth position.
The championship was played in adults 9 sets of awards. Champions of Russia - 2012 to combat "Koresh" were: Nafis Minnebaev (60 kg), Aidar Nazmi (65 kg), Ruslan Nurgaliyev (70 kg), AlbertRahmatullin (75 kg), Rinat Khairutdinov (80 kg), Rishat Gainetdinov (85 kg ) Rail Nurgaliyev (90 kg), Leniz Abdullin (100 kg), Sergei Pavlik (over 100 kg).
The championship boys were played eight sets of awards. The winners of the championship were Ilnaz Davletshin (50 kg), Marat Kupkenov (55 kg), Arthur Ziganshin (60 kg), Iskander Murtazin (65 kg), Arthur Zulkarnayev (70 kg), Dim Khairullin (75 kg), Azat Kaviev (80 kg ), Dmitry Food Boy (over 80 kg).
It is worth noting that for the first place athletes who participated in the championship of Russia on Koresh, will receive 35 thousand rubles for the second 25 thousand rubles, for the third and 20 000 for the 4 th of 10 thousand rubles. Young men, celebrated the success of the championship will get 20 thousand for first place, 15 second thousand, 10 thousand for the third and five thousand for the fourth.
At the end of the final battles hosted the opening, which included a musical performance and awards ceremony event.
The last took the floor the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism Rafis Burganov:
- So ended Championships against Russia "Koresh." Just 210 days separate us from the grand event - the start of the Universiade in Kazan. And I really want to be on the podium Summer Student Games athletes were the same as today. Championship of Russia - 2012 to combat "Koresh" is adjourned!
Under the arches of Wrestling Palace "Ak Bars" sounded the national anthem of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, notify the closure of Russian Championship by Koresh.

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