The first masters of Koresh

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Order of the Ministry of Sports of Russia "About assignment of sports the title" Master of Sports of Russia "from June 8, 2015 № 78 ng awarded the sports rank of" Master of Sports of Russia "sport" Koresh "the following athletes:

1. Zulkarnaev Arthur Valerovich (Republic of Bashkortostan)
2. Nail Mukhamet'yanov Zhamilovich (Republic of Bashkortostan)
3. Gallyamov Musa Marselevich (Republic of Mari-El)
4. Bilal Aivar Ilyasovich (Republic of Tatarstan)
5. Ilyas Galimov Samatovich (Republic of Tatarstan)
6. Ganiev Ruzil Munavirovich (Republic of Tatarstan)
7. Guzaerov Marseille Maratovich (Republic of Tatarstan)
8. Salakhov Radik Sirenevich (Republic of Tatarstan)
9. Sinyakaev Ramil Rimovich (Republic of Tatarstan)
10.Kupkenov Marat Minnerasyhovich (Chuvash Republic)

Koresh Russian Federation congratulates the first masters of sports of Russia for sport, "Koresh"!

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