Started Championship Koresh of Russia in 2011

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Today opened in Ufa Championships in Russia, "Koresh" - the national wrestling. 196 athletes from 28 regions of Russia have been registered, weighed, the credentials committee, and were allowed to participate in the championship.

Just before the start of the competition rules have been clarified for fights: "The constant remains that while fights among adults three minutes - a fight, then another three minutes with a bandaged wrestling belts, boys two periods of two minutes. Specify that the fall in the back does not score well, if there was an attempt to make the reception, it is also not evaluated for passive behavior for more than fifteen seconds, the athlete will receive a warning that our sport should be spectacular! "- Said in a meeting with coaches Rafil Ahmethanov , executive director of the Russian Federation "Koresh."

Simultaneously on three carpets, started fights, a program which has been carefully worked out:

The mat chairman or judge-informant represents fighters viewers. After the whistle and gesture "wrestlers in the middle!" Athletes converge on the center of the mat and shake hands (wrestlers shake hands after the fight - this means that the result of the fight does not have to affect their relationship.) Then the fighters go to the seizure take its original position (the rack). The arbiter verifies the readiness to fight fighters, inform the head of the carpet and ready blows the whistle, followed by a scramble. Fight ends in an electronic scoreboard alarm gong or a judge, timekeeper. At the end of the fight is only a valid e-board signal or bell, not the sound of whistle. At the end of the bout fighters remained in the carpet prior to the announcement of the winner.


"In some sports in our country there is passivity, but here only in the Republic of Tatarstan" Koresh "are engaged in more than 35 thousand people, we have already entered into the program of the World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan, now we need to work hard and in ten-fifteen years, and we can get the list of Olympic sports, "- said at a press conference about the plans of the national president of the Federation wrestling" Koresh "- Zaudat Minnahmetov.


The winners of the Championship up fights will be determined in the following weight categories: Youth (16-19 years) - up to 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, of St.. 80 Kg. Adults (19 years and older) - 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, exceeding 100 kg. Every athlete, who finished first through fourth places will receive gifts from the federation, "Koresh," Russia and forty, thirty, twenty and ten thousand, respectively.


"Every year the geography of the region who are professionally engaged and participating in the championship and the championship on" Koresh "is growing. Of course, these events always appear bright team of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, but also a growing number of qualifications and prizes for teams of Perm region, Mari El. This year, waiting for the appearance of new, strong athletes and teams. The carpet will tell who will win! "- Spoke about the development of sport in Russia Vakil Ilyasov, the chief judge of the competition.


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