Rafis Burganov: Struggle Koresh engaged in neighboring regions

In the Palace of Martial Arts "Ak Bars" press conference dedicated to the Russian Championship - 2012 against "Koresh."

Participated in a press conference the Prime President of the International Federation of Russia and "Koresh" Jawdat Minnahmetov, Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Rafis Burganov, and President of the World Committee FILA (FILA) traditional sports Gintautas Vileity.

Рафис Бурганов
Rafis Burganov: "Fighting Koresh engaged in the surrounding area"

Opening remarks left for the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism Rafis Burganov.

- I am pleased to emphasize that today's event is present president of the committee FILA traditional sports Gintautas Vileity. Naslysheny all the controversy in the waist kinds of struggle at the Universiade. Arrival of Mr. President is largely due to the fact that the final approval of all regulations, types, categories. Soon will drive the second part of the commission, which is still not solve all the issues it does not intend to leave.

The tournament came 36 regions, about 250 people, so I think that lie ahead are many interesting fights. And the fact that the championship of the Tatarstan Republic won Sergey Pavlik from the Ulyanovsk region is not talking about that Tatars are worse fight, and that the fight Koresh develops and it involved in the neighboring regions. We have a very serious problem for the development of our fight - said Burganov and forwarded the word to your colleagues.

Джаудат Миннахметов

"Ethnic forms differ from traditional fact that almost always attract a full house"

- Student - is a great achievement for our sport, - says the president of the International Federation of Russia and "Koresh" Jawdat Minnahmetov. - We have a long road to go. Very pleased that our guys will fight for the belt and the fight can become winners of the Universiade. This is a great incentive to the development of the struggle in Tatarstan.

Belt wrestling exists in more than 70 countries. It practically does not differ - somewhere with steps, somewhere you can go to the blades. A lot of the countries concerned, and I think that the Olympic Committee this fight will also be interesting.

National types are different from the traditional themes that almost always attract a full house. There are fans of the national struggle, to respect the traditions of the people - that's all. I think we have good prospects and we will work on this. Of course, support for the government - without it we can not go.

 Гинтаутас Вилейта
"We are strong unity"

- In the world more than 2000 species of struggle - the president took the word of the World Committee FILA (FILA) traditional sports Gintautas Vileity. - FILA has long had a committee of national kinds of struggle, but it was more formal. You may remember that at one time Sambo was also a member of the committee, but FILA helped them grow strong in the sport, the structural plan for conformance with the requirements of the international federation.

We conduct "filovskie" games and festivals. In the Universiade-2013 in the FILA calendar we include "filovskie" festivals on the continent, where almost plattsdarm for training and qualification for the Universiade. "Tatarcha Koresh" is an official member of the federation.

Student - a "filovskaya" platform of national struggle. I am very pleased that the management of sport republic sympathetic to the fact that there will be present and Kazakh, and the Yakut struggle. We are strong unity.

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