On the trail with the struggle Ermak "Koresh"

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September 14-15 in Kemerovo was personal tournament "Cup of Siberia" to fight "Koresh" men and juniors. The competition was organized by the Department of Youth and Sports of the Kemerovo region, the National Federation of Wrestling "Koresh" Russia, Berezovsky public organization "Center of Tatar culture" Duslyk "Regional public organization" Federation to preserve the culture of small nations of the Kemerovo region and national sports' Association Teleut people "Ene-Bayat."

The tournament was attended by over 100 athletes representing Kemerovo, Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, Tatarstan, Tuva and Khakassia. "Cup of Siberia" was the first wrestling "Koresh", held in the south of Western Siberia. And fighters from Khakassia had not participated in any competition on the national struggle outside their country.

As you know, Siberia for Russian Volga kingdom conquered chieftain named Ermak. There are different opinions about the origin of Ermak, but the version of his Turkish roots is the most weighty. In Kemerovo region was home to three indigenous people: Tatars - 50000, Shors ("Kuznetsk Tatars") - 14,000 and Teleuts - about three thousand. Khakassia, which is also called "Yenisei Tatars", drove 800 miles to take part in the tournament. The names "Kemerovo", "Yenisei" left by the Turkic dialects in Tartar they mean "Kүmerle kala" ("Coal City") and "Әni su" ("Mother of all waters").

Khakass national struggle "Kures" resembles Tatar struggle "Koresh." There just are struggling with tied sashes, and the main difference - the toe kicks are allowed. In the struggle, "Koresh" Hakase felt very freely of their 14 athletes took part in the tournament have won 10 prizes.

Wrestling matches were sharp and beautiful, there was no serious injury. Siberians, who came to the sport complex "Arena", enthusiastically observed temperamental, consisting mainly of pure running by breaking the opponent off the mat, receptions, fight "Koresh." Known coach in wrestling from Kemerovo Vladimir Wachtel recently visited judo championship of the Siberian Federal District. In his view, is an Olympic Judo in its fight zrelichnosti inferior "Koresh."

I envy white envy how the Japanese were doing a great job to spread the world of his wrestling - karate, judo, sumo, and others. They sent their own expense to different countries trainers, coaches, tournaments and championships in different parts of the world, make films about these kinds of struggles. More recently, the opportunity to enter the national struggle "Koresh" on the world stage has been questioned, and some so-called "experts Tatar struggle." But in the early XXI century, our struggle has made a strong leap forward. Marat Akhmetov headed Gotovich Federation Tatar-Bashkir Wrestling "Koresh" of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan driven to record high number of counter "Koresh" and the number of competitors in the country, distributed wrestling carpets district centers and villages, distributed grappling dummies. Led by Jawdat Midkhatovich Minnahmetovym Federation National Wrestling "Koresh" Russia and the International Association of Tatar belt wrestling "Koresh" established business relationship with more than 50 regions in different parts of Russia and 30 countries around the world and organized regional and national federations, "Koresh."

Worldwide Tatar struggle "Koresh" began to recognize and seriously dealing with it, to compete. Wrestling "Koresh", consolidating around other belt wrestling Turkic peoples, confident strides forward. Struggle "Koresh," the nation, Kazan, Tatarstan, and our leaders know and respect.

During the tournament, we had to work shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors, living in the land of Kemerovo. They show care for the home nation, language, religion, heartily enjoyed a national wrestling "Koresh" in his city. Of these enthusiasts can list manager Bereza public organization "Center of Tatar culture" Duslyk "Lily Renatovna Fetisov, Ph.D., chairman of the main sponsor of the tournament Ltd." Kuzbassptitseprom "Marat Ildusovich Kalimullina, mufti of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Kemerovo region Bikchantayeva Tagir Ahmadullovicha, honorary doctor Russia, created the first Russian Regional Emergency Medical Center, Ilgiz Kadyrovich Galeev and others.

Running through the eyes of the fans who were watching the beautiful techniques fighters inadvertently drew attention to who was sitting in the front row of a young man in tubeteyke, difficulty walking on two crutches, wheelchair, and decided to get to know him better. My interlocutor was 23 - year-old Rostem Nailevich Salikhov. He lives in a Russian village Telegut Tomsk region, studies in Tomsk Economics and Law University for the Humanities. He is fluent in Tatar. Rostem suffers cerebral palsy since birth, disability first group. He has to see the event firsthand, he arrived by bus for the 230 km.

Rostem, expressing his admiration for the words "elhemdelilla", from start to finish watching the fight. He is so mentally strong and proud that during the award winners at the end of the tournament, on his feet on one crutch and one dropped on the floor, clapping one hand and the back of the palm of the other hand, expressed his respect for the fighters and organizers, and showed that a cultural and forceful personality. When there are fans from all over the depth of understanding the importance and nobility of promoting national wrestling and culture in different regions of Russia.

At the end of the article you want to list and winners of the tournament "Cup of Siberia" to fight "Koresh." Here they are: junior - in the weight categories up to 50 and over 80 kg - Tokokaev Krivtsov Amir and Paul of the Kemerovo region, up to 60 kg - Tunica Dmitry from Khakassia, up to 70 kg - Akhmetzyanov Diamond from Tatarstan, up to 80 kg - Alexei Sedov of Tomsk region, among men - 65, 85 and 100 kg - Samatov Ramis, Haidar Qayyum and Adiatullin Damir from Tatarstan, up to 75 kg - Cheltygmyshev Alexander of Khakassia syshe 100 kg - Soyan Sonam of Tuva. Its bright wrestling match, the will to win, they have won the greatest respect for this fight bored spectators. We congratulate them with great success. I would also like to thank all participants, coaches and owners, co-organizers of the tournament "Cup of Siberia."

Referee, Honored Coach of the Republic of Tatarstan Marcil Qadir.

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