The championship of Russia on "Koresh" was completed. Ahead of Brazil!

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23 - 24 march , 2012 in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, the FLC "Spartacus", passed superiority of Russia against "Koresh" among youths 15-16 years old with 16 teams from 15 regions of Russian Federation (Republic of Mari El, as the receiving side , represented by two teams).

"Our country is open for children and youth Olympic reserve school, which has branches in the districts. And according to the coaching staff is full of experienced fighters who consistently engage the younger generation. To date, nearly 400 people involved in the fighting sections. Here we are fighting the Tatars, and Maris, and Russian and other nationalities. Which, of course, very happy, it brings people together. In this regard, the work is such a being, and the result is obvious! "- Spoke about the development control Galyautdinov Nail, president of Federation of Belt Wrestling and fighting," Koresh "of the Republic of Mari El.

On three carpets faced off about a hundred young athletes from different regions of our country. Users in various denominations of Russian Championship dispersed in different regions of the Russian Federation: Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Perm, Chuvashia, Mordovia Republic, Kirov, Tyumen, Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl regions.

In the team competition until the last battles was an uncompromising struggle among the teams of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Mari El, Perm and Orenburg region. As a result, team places were distributed as follows: Tatarstan's team scored 215 points and became the first, second and third place teams of the republics of Bashkortostan and the Mari-El, received 190 and 156 points, respectively, in the fourth place team of Perm Region - 145 points.

The winners on the basis of contractions in the first place received 10,000 rubles, 8,000 and 6,000 rubles for the second and third place, respectively, as well as everyone who entered the top three, given the historical publication, "We came out of the fight."

"Our future is in the popularization of" Koresh "- you need to improve the rules, because if the fight will be entertaining, it will be interesting to watch, it will be more attractive to investors. For example, the struggle "sirim 'bout is tied to the belts, the outcome is determined for a second, and the" koresh "wrestlers can not be used for long receptions, audiences are tired, distracted. We need to get used to the innovations in the rules, because only one of Tatarstan "koresh" involved forty thousand people, it's time to begin to present the sport as a brand, so it was a nice, pleasant, viewers! "- Said at a press conference Championship of Russia on the national development plans control of the national president of the Federation Wrestling "Tatarcha Koresh" Russia  Zaudat Minnahmetov.

This year, the International Association of Tatar belt wrestling "Koresh" in conjunction with the World Committee of the FILA traditional wrestling is planning a world championship fight, "Koresh" among youths 15 - 16 years in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Championship of Russia in the fight, "Koresh" among youths aged 15-16 in 2013 will be held in Ulyanovsk.

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