"Koresh" held its annual conference on the results of 2011

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Traditionally, the annual conference of the All-Russian Federation "Koresh" was held in hotel "Dubai" (Kazan),  10 february 2012.

For seven years, since 2005, when it created the National Federation of Wrestling "Tatarcha koresh" of Russia, koresh already developing more than 45 regions of Russia and know firsthand the world. In 2009, after the registration of an international association of Tatar belt wrestling "Koresh" start World and European championships. Needless to say that the fight for zones included in the program of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan, which in itself is a tremendous honor and, of course, the maximum liability.
In 2011, there have been many tournaments and competitions on Koresh in Russia and abroad. Representatives of the federation were a little office in Kazan, and increasingly have been on the road: Seoul (South Korea), Mashhad (Iran), Istanbul (Turkey), Siauliai (Lithuania), Tajikistan, Moscow, Kanash, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Perm, Yoshkar- Ole. It should be noted that the number of worshipers struggle "Koresh" is growing: in the opening section of regions, expanding the material base (carpets, equipment, financial support trainers in the field). This year's conference was attended by representatives of Bryansk, Tambov, Yakutia, inspired by the idea of ​​Koresh.

Of course, no difficulty can not do. In many regions, and some nations already have their own national forms of struggle which are somewhat similar to the national struggle, "Koresh" - "Tutushev" (Karachaevo-Cherkessia), "Hapsagay" (Yakutia), "Huresh" (Komi Republic). Guide Federation of Russia, "Koresh" Koresh has developed in the regions and to fight by the rules of Koresh in the same way as if batyrs koresheisty came to wrestling, "Tutushev" or "Huresh" that would fight by their rules. The main thing is to convey to the regions and peoples of Russia and the beauty of the rules Koresh, possibly opening the adjacent sections of the national struggle and the kinds of Koresh. The stumbling block for the development of Koresh at the Russian level is adopted in the 2007 federal law "On Physical Culture and Sports in the Russian Federation", where the geography and features of national sports clearly limited. To enter the list of Russian sports Koresh must develop at least 43 regions of the country. Maybe soon it will happen, as unquenchable enthusiasm, the spirit of wrestling coaches in the region and of course the help of All-Russian Federation "Koresh" help overcome the barriers. After all, it is said that "never, nothing comes from someone who does not do anything!", And wrestlers, real batyrs, put your hands do not like. Maybe that's why Koresh cultivated in more than 45 regions of Russia.

At the conference were to meet representatives from 45 regions of Russia, but for good reasons, only 26 attended by representatives of the Federation. However, this did not stop to discuss the rules and Entertainment Koresh, assign responsibility for the training of judges, to determine the directions of the development and promotion of the fight.

Representatives were different, but in general, relevant proposals:

  1. On the eve of "Universiade 2013" to national and international competitions among the students;
  2. Apply to the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Russian Federation on the assignment of sports titles on the national kinds of martial arts at the nationwide sports;
  3. Update and improve the rules Koresh in order to avoid ambiguity and entertainment to make the fight;
  4. Promote Koresh in the regions at the level of secondary schools for grades 9-11, to include lessons on Koresh in the curriculum. After all, before the practice was ...
  5.    To assist members of the regional federations Koresh in order to attract the attention of sports departments in the field.

As a result, as amended and approved the proposals action plan for 2012 , A time frame for a seminar for judges (10-15 April 2012), all the suggestions and recommendations were recorded for further work.
Photos of the conference

Author of the article: Maxim Buvalin

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