Results of the Urals Cup against "Koresh"

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        2 - 3 November 2012 in the picturesque Manchazhskom fitness center, 10 km from the city Krasnoufimsk at a high organizational level was personal VI All-Russian tournament "Cup of the Urals" anti "Koresh." The competition was attended by about a hundred athletes from the republics and regions of the Volga and the Urals.
For the first time the tournament "Cup of Ural" was held in Krasnoufimsk. It is no coincidence, since the city became the center of the struggle Krasnoufimsk "Koresh 'Sverdlovsk region. Here the struggle "Koresh" has great popularity and leadership betrays great importance and creates all the conditions for its development of children and youth. At the opening ceremony of the tournament "Cup of the Urals" guests of honor attended by the heads of Krasnoufimsky urban district, the municipality "Krasnoufimsky District" Artinskian urban district Achitskogo urban district. On behalf of the President of the National Federation of Wrestling "Koresh" of the Russian Federation have been awarded letters of appreciation for his contribution to the development of the struggle "Koresh" in the Sverdlovsk region and memorable books federation "Born in the struggle."
The winners of the tournament and prize were awarded medals, trophies and cash prizes, established by the Ministry of Physical Culture and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk region and sponsored competitions President of the Foundation "little homeland", the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region, the vice-president of the National Federation of Wrestling "Koresh" Sverdlovsk region Abzalova AF Special prize established by the Board of the World Congress of Tatars "Will to Win" was awarded the Athlete of the Sverdlovsk region, Ivan Serebryannikov.
Urals Cup holders in their age and weight categories were among youths: Zaitov Gayaz (up to 50 kg, Perm region), Abdrakhmanov Aynur (up to 55 kg, Bashkortostan), Ahlyarov Aynur (up to 60 kg, Bashkortostan), Ildar Bagautdinov (up to 65 kg Bashkortostan), Ashrafzyanov Islam (up to 70 kg, Tatarstan) Zulkarnayev Arthur (up to 75 kg, Bashkortostan), Altynbayev Aydar (up to 80 kg, Tatarstan), Shayakhmetov Irek (over 80 kg of Tatarstan), and among men: Arslanov Ilfis (up to 60 kg, Bashkortostan), Lukmanov Ilnar (up to 65 kg, Bashkortostan), Yusupov Salavat (up to 70 kg, Chelyabinsk region), Ilyas Rushan (up to 75 kg, Bashkortostan), Zayketdinov Aygiz (up to 80 kg, Bashkortostan), Karimov Ilnar (up to 85 kg, Tatarstan) Badrutdinov Renat (up to 90 kg, Tatarstan), Nizamutdinov Rinat (up to 100 kg, Bashkortostan), Akchurin Radif (over 100 kg, Bashkortostan).
City Krsnoufimsk and National Federation of Wrestling "Koresh" Sverdlovsk region are ready to take the 2014 championship against Russia "Koresh" among young men aged 15-16.

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