Referee: Level wrestlers growing every year

Chief Justice Russian Championship against "Koresh" Kadyrov Marcil shared his impressions with the correspondent of the Tournament started, and spoke about the nuances of the judges at the championship.

- Recently, the Wrestling Federation "Koresh" spends a great job of promoting this kind of struggle in different regions of our country. Already, the level of representation of the regions can not be compared to what it was a few years ago. Increased and the number of teams that come to compete.

As you know, the fight "Koresh" was included in the program of the 2013 Universiade. The peculiarity of this event is that it is the last event before the start of the Universiade.

- What are the changes in the interpretation of the rules of the championship, as compared to last season?

- Yesterday, December 7, we had a meeting of the representatives and judges, on which we have decided to "horses in midstream is not changed." It was decided to pay attention and to minimize fall on his back. We try to work in that direction, though, of course, not everything works.

Also worth noting is that the decision was made to bring to judging from the regions of Russia, in order to raise the level of judges in other regions. Not all, of course, pleased with the level of refereeing, but what can you do.

- How do other regions to compete Bashkortostan and Tatarstan?

- It is now level even. Very good fighters have the Perm region, the Republic of Mari El, Chelyabinsk region. Level fighters is growing every year.

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